Christian Jeukens

zertifizierter Massage Therapeut

zertifizierter Lehrer für Thaimassage

Vipassana/ Mindfulness Meditation


I finished my teacher training at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, one

of the most respected places in Thailand to learn Massage. Im a certified Thai Massage Therapist

and a certified Teacher for Thai Massage. I have permission by the Thai Health Department and Thai Ministry of Education to Hand over accredited certificates to students in the whole world.


My lifelong quest for holistic wellbeeing started out with the study of Buddhism and the learning of advanced meditation techniques, mostlyVipassana. Out of interest grew my big passion and just naturally i started to help other meditators on their path with my knowledge. As physical is interconnected with psychological and emotional wellbeeing it seemed a logical consequence for me to look into western and eastern Massage techniques. After some experience with different styles of Massage i discovered my love for Asian techniques, especially Thai Massage in all its local styles and characteristics ( for instance central Thailand Wat pho style might be good for people with acute problems in special areas, why i prefer nothern lanna style for overall well beeing , id do Sen Energy line style on tired, burn out symptoms etc.).


So my way lead me directly to the Source of Thai Massage Mastery, Chiang Mai Thailand, where i collected all kinds of official certificates and took lots of classes in all the well known Schools where Thais learn too. I took anatomy classes at Chiang Mai university and tried to soak in as much knowledge and technique as i could. But even after the teacher certificates my hunger for knowledge wasnt calmed down, i still felt like i have lots of things to learn. So i took my Enduro bike and went cross country to learn with many well known Masters of Thai Massage and other amazing local Therapists ( Khamtanong,Pitchest, Sinchai, Chaiya ) in hundreds of one on one Sessions. From the many techniques i learned in western and of course eastern style like Wat Po, Lanna Stretching, Accupressure, Triggerpoint, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Sen line i choose the ones i experienced to be most effective for different body types and different conditions and put them together in my own personal style. Every year i learn 3 months in Thailand at the source with more or lesser known masters of this queen of Massage techniques.

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